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Let’s talk CHANGE.

Scared to rock the boat with change? I get it, and…let’s explore that, together. It’s actually the only way to break free from your loop, your attachment pattern (aka the unhealthy way to do relationships). You know the hamster wheel you can’t seem to jump off of. That thing.

Here’s the truth, there is no learning in comfort. Especially when it comes to healing a relationship in crisis. You have a choice to step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve a truly healthy and happy relationship. YUP and get uncomfortable by doing things you won’t want to say or do.

A willingness to change allows you to break through barriers and access a vital part of what is required to grow into the best version of yourself. This transformation of ME shifts WE.

This is why you’re here. To change. To grow. To discover your true essence.

You can dismiss limiting beliefs. Face your fears, and create an invigorating new path where you and your relationship can thrive!

I’m here. Let me show you how.

Simply stated: Lauren is a Rockstar! Do not hesitate to hire her. She is a highly attuned and masterful coach.

There are so many ways to describe her: passionate, dedicated, inspiring, professional, energetic, quick on her feet, compassionate, frank, impartial, kindhearted, and authentic.

She is an expert problem solver and can guide you to solve anything you are facing.

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Men… Are you really doing what you love?

Whether you are struggling in a relationship with yourself, your partner, or both, I can and want to help.

My approach is honest, direct, and to the point — for good reason. The upset and pain that you are currently feeling… is old stuff, like a time capsule that you keep going back to. And the best way I know how to get you out of this painful place is by keeping it real and helping you face your truths head-on for expedited healing, growth, and happiness.

This process is both rewarding and challenging. Have you ever accomplished something great? A college degree, promotion, or winning a race? I imagine it wasn’t always easy. This process is kind of like that. Great achievements come with challenges that lead to great rewards.

So yes, you can choose to go there, and it’ll be worth it!

I’ve got the tools, I have been there, you’ve got the desire. Let’s collaborate and create change!

Learn more about my background and training on my about page.

Men's and Women's Coaching Support Groups.

Work in a small group environment for 8 weeks.

Interested? Click the link below to contact me for more details.

Couples Intensives

Save your marriage with a three-day couples intensive and leave with a thriving relationship.

Weekends are limited and fill up fast.

Up Your Game Child Coaching

8 Week Customized Program for you and your child’s friend group.

Topics of expertise are Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Care, True Authentic Self, Charter building, Boundaries, and Sex eduction, and how to talk about this with your kids.

Work with clients in my office or via teleconferencing. Want to learn more? Contact me today and for a free consult to see if we are a good fit.

How I Work with Couples:

First, let me ask you some questions…

  • Are you struggling in your relationship right now?
  • Thinking about divorce?
  • In a sexless relationship?
  • Wondering how you got to this place?
  • Do you wish your partner was different in some way?
  • Are you shut down and avoiding conflict?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I understand (I’ve been there!), and more importantly, I can and want to help.

I work with both men and women on an even playing field. I listen objectively to both sides and when necessary, I tell it like it is. The process reveals realities that you have a choice to face on the path to resolution. For example, you may be faced with having to take more responsibility for a problem within your relationship than your partner or vice versa. It’s my job to help you face the truth, even if it rocks your world. It will be ok and this is how extraordinary personal growth begins!

I will dive in headfirst by asking you some questions required to explore and discover your needs and wants for change, your relationship strengths and weaknesses, so we can together create a healthier and more fulfilled relationship.

The healthy change you crave in your relationship requires you to rock the boat.

On this deeply healing path you’ll learn to face your fears, step up, take responsibility, and hold yourself accountable for your actions, reactions, behaviors, and emotions… within yourself, and your relationship.

The process will empower you to maneuver through the hard times with the respect, love, and authenticity that you both deserve.

You’ll grow, and show up in your relationship with a deeper knowledge of your self and a stronger couple’s connection with each other. Let me ask you this:

How do you connect each day with your partner? How do they connect with you? How do you like to connect?

When you reshape the ME, you evolve the WE.

Let’s work together to create connection and deeper intimacy… both with yourself and with your partner!

Need a life ring? I’ve got one… Looking for a better relationship with yourself and need some guidance? Let’s discover where you are at in your journey… Which one works for you?

» In My Office
» Teleconferencing
» Phone
» Exercise “Walk & Talk” Session
» Workshops…for both men and women (contact me for details)

How I Work with Individuals:

Looking for a better relationship with yourself and need some guidance? Let’s discover where you’re at in your journey…

  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Need a change?
  • Feeling unfilled?
  • Seeking clarity on what to do next?
  • Are you wanting to know how to go to the next level in your business, or find a new job or career?
  • Are you seeking or longing spirituality?
  • Are you in a struggling relationship and need help and guidance on a personal level?

Let’s talk. Because I have totally been there and I’ve got some clever tools to help you find your bliss.

And can I get real with you for a moment? The relationship with ourselves is often the hardest and most painful one we will ever have to face. Truth bomb! Because here’s the reality, when we are in discord with who we are on a deeply personal level, everything in our world is impacted.

So, you are gonna have to face your fears, be vulnerable – gulp – grow up, and allow your authenticity to break free and shine.

And this is where the magic begins!

Come with me, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of who you are, what needs work, and what makes you tick… so you can live your happiest, most fulfilled life.

Ready for a change?

Take the first step. Let’s talk!