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We live in a busy world, and the obstacles we face each day can get in the way of our relationships. The patterns and behaviors we witness as children shape our approach to life and then become the foundation for our own relationship strategies. Identifying these patterns and changing these strategies is the goal at MeWe Relationships.

Make a plan for “Building a Better We”

Changing patterns takes work. Relationships do not fix themselves and they are not “weather-proof”. MeWe offers tools and strategies to help you successfully navigate your day to day relationships. Ultimately, this new tool set and awareness allows you to reconnect with yourself, recover more rapidly when small and big issues arise, and build better relationships with the people around you. In other words, I teach you how to get what you want out of your relationships whether it be with a partner, a mother or father or even your own children.

Re-fueling your Relationship

Relationships are not meant to be draining but they can often consume lots of emotional energy. Emotional energy, like physical energy, is not endless. It runs out. No matter how stable a relationship, there are times when you feel empty, exhausted, helpless or out of control. A healthy happy relationship is fueled by feeling valued, heard and understood by others in your life. If your relationships are draining it is not too late to refuel.