Client Success Stories

I started working with Lauren in September of 2019. After giving up alcohol in 2009, I began a spiritual journey of discovering my authentic self while simultaneously building my own coaching practice. I hired Lauren to coach me with my business and we quickly discovered that I was also in need of a more in-depth look at my wounds and how I was showing up in the world. My self-worth was still very low and I felt like I was not enough. I was also in denial of the issues in my marriage and in fear of speaking my truth. 

Lauren was a guiding light, holding space for me, asking deep questions, holding up the mirror for me, reflecting for me, educating me, mentoring me, inspiring me, motivating me, and holding me accountable.   She walked side by side with me every step of the way through the process of becoming a functioning adult, a sovereign woman, and asking for what I wanted and need in my marriage and in my life. 

I worked with Lauren until December of 2021, a little over 2 years. I feel like a whole new person. I know who I am. I know I am worthy. I know I am enough. I am connected to my authentic self. I know what I want and what I need. I speak my truth. I set boundaries. I take care of my own needs. I have relationships with my inner girls who need to be nurtured regularly. I know when I am triggered and can respond to my own needs accordingly. I am continuing to rise into my magnificence and embody my goddess self. I have a right to be here and take up space. 


I now have a sober partner, not just someone I call my husband, but a partner in my life who loves me, respects me, SEES me, hears me, supports me, honors my boundaries, and is now on his own journey of self-discovery. Anything is possible. 

Words do not adequately express my gratitude for Lauren. She has helped me create miracles in my life. 


I am quite certain that if my former husband and I had been able to find “a Lauren” at the time that we were going through a number of difficulties, we would still be married today. We definitely loved each other but we could not see our way through our problems and differences of opinion. We did see several different experienced, sought after, reputable and highly-recommended therapists, and quite frankly, it did, they did, nada.

In my present marriage, there have been some major issues, but none of them have been insurmountable with Lauren‘s help and we find we are growing closer rather than distancing from one another.

What Lauren is teaching us allows us to feel confident that not only are we able to weather anything that comes our way but to “see ahead” – to be able to avoid creating problems before they envelop us. I saw Lauren privately a number of times several years ago and her understanding, brilliance, patience, caring, experience, techniques, love, and humor made a HUGE difference in my life: I tell my friends that any sanity I have been able to create and maintain is in large part due to the time I have spent and what I have learned from/with her. She pays attention, she cares deeply and she is not afraid to take ME deeper where true healing is born.

I remarried a little while ago and my husband, who was quite reluctant to “get help,” is now a big fan as well; he sees the benefits he reaps – and that we reap as a couple – from our time with this amazing woman who has earned our deepest respect and trust.

Nancy B.

“I was struggling to break free from the shackles of my past and learn to be the independent and capable man that I didn’t know I could be. Lauren helped me see that not only was I capable, but I was DESERVING of a life led with confidence.

A year later, I have made MONUMENTAL changes and am learning that asking for what I need is both a source of empowerment and clarity within my personal journey.”

Ben R.

Antônio is doing really well!! Thank God! And thank you for being there for him when he needed it. I will definitely check out your website soon. You helped me tremendously and were a big part of me changing my life (or more accurately connecting with my true self/soul) so I am eternally grateful.”

My best to you always. 

Suzanne S.

This. This is what we work so hard for.

Thank you, Lauren. Honestly, we would never be here without you and your guidance.
We are so truly grateful to you. ❤️
Alex and Eliz

I met Lauren at the most crucial time in my life. I was in the midst of an on-again-off-again relationship that I couldn’t figure out how to make work and couldn’t figure out how to leave.

Lauren not only facilitated tremendous healing for me, teaching me about how my patterns in a relationship were not my fault and there actually was a way out but helped me believe that I could create the relationship of my dreams.

After working with her for 6 months, attending the Survivors workshop, I was able to leave my toxic relationship with grace and meet the man of my dreams who I married.

I healed my toxic patterns of love addiction and codependency and Lauren taught me the skills of what it takes to create an extraordinary relationship. I am empowered every day in my love as a result of work with her.

She’s not only brilliant at what she does, but she also gives fierce feedback, is committed to your healing and success, and supports you in reclaiming your own power. She was my matron of honor at my wedding because I wouldn’t have the relationship I have right now without her help! If you’re struggling in Love, she’s the one for you. I will be forever grateful I asked her for help.

Catherine H.

Marshfield, MA

Before working with Lauren, I felt that I had lost a sense of vitality and purpose, that I was alienated from my own self.  I found myself letting life come to me rather than taking ownership of my life and my decisions.

In the initial phases of my coaching, a central truth has revealed itself ever so starkly:  Addressing my dysfunctional relationship with myself is at the core of taking back my life.  This process is an intervention with myself.  I must eliminate ambiguity and recognize that my life is the product of decisions that I must fully own.  Decisions are not made by default, and at every juncture, I have a choice.  Even if that choice is between two bad outcomes it is still my choice.  I cannot succeed by playing the helpless victim.

I sense a certain freedom, emancipation from my worst self, in acknowledging that I must take responsibility for my own actions and choices and to make sure that every decision represents an authentic response.

Tripp W.

 I was desperate to stop feeling scared and anxious about MY unknown.  After my first session, I knew I could change my life with her help. 

I’ll never forget the day when it first hit me…  She came into our session with a full force of ‘Lauren spunk’ and drove a message to me that finally clicked.  IF I WANTED A CHANGE, I HAD TO FIGHT FOR THAT CHANGE TO HAPPEN, and not just hope for change to happen. My “aww ha” moment so to speak.  Seems like a no brainer right?  No, it’s not when you’ve felt stuck for so long.  She gave me the tools and held me to my work.  It takes work to get out of your fear.  Keep moving, one foot in front of the other, and fight for what I want.  Before seeing her I would often spend days just sitting in fear.  I was paralyzed with fear and anxiety.  I had a choice.  A choice to either sit and wrap my fears around me like a blanket or get up and start moving. If not for myself I needed to do for my son.  I honestly could write for hours about different sessions and phrases that I’ve learned from her to get what I deserve.  I am and will always be a work in progress and I am just thankful that I am suited with better tools and knowledge to get myself where I need to be. 

Lauren is truly a gift.  She has this passion and fire in her to really help improve the lives of so many.  If you ever get the privilege to work with her you will see your life in a new light and good things will come your way.

Mia L.

Lauren was recommended to me by a good friend several months ago. I reached out to her because I was extremely unhappy (for a long time) and needed help in changing myself, my family dynamic, and my marriage for the better.

Lauren has been supportive and compassionate and I am learning how to better communicate and set some boundaries!

Both my husband and I are using the skills and techniques Lauren is proving us to change ourselves and our relationship and work towards a healthier “us” and happier family life!

Barbara C.

Harwich, MA

Lauren’s exceptional work as a Relationship Coach caught my ear as a result of a mutual client gushing with success about how well her marriage was now going. An ADHD Coach and Parenting Coach I had been working with that same client for years. I was aware of previous challenges in the marriage and became thrilled to hear of the newfound success.  So impressed actually I asked if the client would mind I introduce myself to Lauren and share the level of respect I had for the work. With that agreement, Lauren and I met and she immediately brought a contagious positive energy, and too demonstrated authenticity humility and competence, things I appreciate. I have been referring clients to Lauren since.
Keith Kosierowski, M.Ed, LSC, CDLM

ADHD Coach and Parent Coach

Lauren has great success with clients.  She is talented at creating a safe space for sharing the intimate details of the conflict in marriage.  She is very direct and real with people, exceptional at holding clients accountable for their actions while maintaining and building trust.  I would refer anyone I know going through a tough time in their marriage to her first.
Libby Andrew

CPC, Masterclass Gabby Bernstein, RLT

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Lauren Smith in her work as a Mentor Coach guiding clients and professionals in a broad range of performance-enhancing applications.  Lauren brings a unique ability and background to her gifted engagements as a Professional Coach.  

Through my years of practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as a Clinical Professor at Baylor College of Medicine, and in the last dozen years of practicing, teaching, and training Professional Coaches, I know Lauren as an exquisitely accomplished professional.  I highly and unequivocally recommend her.

David Krueger MD

CEO, Executive Mentor Coach, MentorPath

I have been working with Lauren for close to ten years.  I believe Lauren has a unique gift to get right to the bottom of the issue within a very short period of time.  I refer a large number of my clients for individual relationship counseling and am always impressed with the progress she is able to make with the people I refer.  Lauren is an amazing Life Coach.

Tracy S.

Lauren helped shed light on my shadow, some of the things I wasn’t aware of. How I communicate, act, how people interrupt me based upon “my old self ways”. I have learned to be far more aware of how I come off in my communication. I have also learned significant pause vs. reacting through impulse.

Also, I have a far greater curiosity around my past, childhood origin that I subconsciously taught myself, and how they pop up over and over again in my current world as a result of our work together.

Joshua S.

Lauren as a colleague of mine has an uncanny intuitive style that relationally speaks the truth and creates positive changes in couples and individuals. I highly recommend working with her.

Jan Bergstrom


Lauren stands out because she’s not afraid to tell you the truth and hold you to what you say you want.  She is able to work with even the most skilled procrastinator, denier, and rationalizer – whether you are one or married to one – and she has a kind but direct approach.  She is highly effective!

Sarah D.