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Are you cherished and appreciated by your partner? Do you want to be?

Often couples in conflict can’t remember what brought them together in the beginning. They lose sight of each other and find themselves at odds over issues big and small. Without attention, these problems worsen and the health and stability of their relationship deteriorates and becomes in crisis.

MeWe Couples Coaching is about understanding that change starts with ME.

By leveraging the theories and practices developed by Terry Real, founder of Relationship Life Institute, I help couples identify and stop repetitive and negative communication and behavioral patterns, which over the years, result in frustration, resentment and at times relationship breakdown.

As a coach, I work with clients who want a mentor or accountability partner to help them enhance their lives. By posing difficult questions that allow for reflection, we can move from conflict to new, improved ways of relating to one other. And unlike traditional therapy, coaching uses personal disclosure as a means to connect with the couple and help create profound change.

MeWe Couples Coaching focuses on each partner individually by looking at their past relationships, especially within the framework of the formative family. We uncover the survival mechanisms that we employed as children to combat crisis and determine why the repeating patterns we swore we would never repeat have found their way into our adult relationships.

If you have been experiencing tension in your relationship, it’s not too late. Couples Coaching offers the opportunity to love yourself, communicate with your partner in a healthy way and get to a better place.