You Can Save your Relationship.

Relationship and Trauma Coaching for Couples and Individuals

I know you long for changeand you can have it.

In order to change your relationship, you will need to do things differently to create a new dynamic.

The problem is that the marriage is a big fat mess and you feel miserable, frustrated and stuck.

You crave the days when you were blissfully in love and lately you feel more pain than pleasure.

Relationship challenges are common, normal and natural.

There are many reasons why relationships rupture and it’s how we repair them that make all the difference.

I am here to help you remember your love story and create a new vision for the future of your relationship. 

Resolve your relationship problems.


Are you struggling in your relationship right now? Longing for connection?


Are you or your partner having an affair or thinking about one?


Would you like help in resolving your relationship problems?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you are not alone. I hear this from men and woman on a daily basis and I can help.

Don’t spend years in therapy tangled in the same fights and patterns.

You got married because you wanted a partner in life and somewhere along the way you got off track. You want change and you will do just about anything to have a healthy relationship again and you don’t know where to start.

To create a new foundation for a healthy relationship we must heal the root cause of the pain and dissolve destructive patterns.


Develop better communication skills


Learn to lead with love instead of fear


Heal and repair infidelity


Increase intimacy


Deepen your relationship experience

Hi! I’m Lauren. Welcome.

is Hard.

I help individuals and couples resolve relationship conflicts by looking at the root causes of whatever struggle they are in (no matter how painful or ridiculous). We identify and face those issues and work to change for a happier and healthier MeWe. This process takes you through a journey of self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-discovery.

Truth? The path may be uncomfortable, and discomfort is where change begins. In the end, you’ll learn, you’ll grow, and feel emotionally equipped.

Let’s work together to build and maintain a healthier, and happier relationship as an individual and in your current partnership.

I want to hear your story. Let’s schedule a 30-minute call!

Your healthy and happy realtionship is just 3 Steps away:


STEP 1: Schedule a free call

Be heard. Share your struggles, your story and your goals.


STEP 2: Develop a new relationship roadmap

Reconnect with yourself and your partner and understand where you are not productive.


STEP 3: Experience joy, alignment & connection again

Apply new strategies and skill sets to your thriving partnership.

Learn how Alex and Eliz saved their marriage…

Thank YOU for helping us get to where we are Lauren!

Your work simply is amazing!!!

I have so much joy in my heart knowing you’re on our side! ❤️

Alex L.

You don’t have to do this alone.

I intervene. I have a non traditional approach with a no bullshit kind of style. I help you bring truth, love and accountability to your relationship, creating new pathways to resolution where both parties get what they desire.

Problems are resolvable. Better communication is possible. Your needs are important. Stop fighting and work together to create the relationship you want today.

Client Success Stories

I am beyond grateful. This work we have been doing, I feel like a wave of good things just hit today and I am so thankful that I have stuck with it and you’ve helped me, and me finally giving in and listening and committing is all coming together. I know that you will say that it’s me that’s done the work.

But your coaching, and you have literally changed my life, and I am so grateful. Words can’t express. Going to spend this evening relaxed with my wife and daughters and dog and feel happy and loved and grateful and connected.

I don’t think anyone has had a more impactful and positive influence on my life than you have, through our work in couples and individually.

Mike D.

I am so grateful for all the counseling and guidance you gave me.  I will truly never forget it! I’m eternally grateful and know I’m a better mother, friend, sister, and daughter because of it.  Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance to be a better partner too!

Sarah Leahey-Benjamin